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Day 15: Kitchen Appliances have arrived

I took it slow this morning. Yesterday I over did it after being so sick for a week. Not smart. But this morning I woke up, had coffee, laid around for awhile and then took a nap at 10am. We headed over to the house around 11 and this is what we did.

My sweet Daddy had to make those cabinets just perfect for me. No edges, all smooth and ready for paint!
We decided to try out that green paint I bought without knowing what I was going to do with it. Purpose discovered. We really like it.
Green door, why not? Ha!
Here come our appliances!!! Yay!
Dad excited about how perfectly the dishwasher fits into the base cabinets he installed! Great job Daddyo!
I feel so blessed by this oven! I found an as-is model for over 50% off just because it had a dent on the side. Today, when they brought it the dent was gone and I was like, “Hey guys, did you fix the dent?” They said this was a brand new oven and that’s what was loaded into the truck so enjoy! Can you believe it?! I’m so thankful!!!! 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏
Sick girl taking a break.
My love…I’m so proud of how hard he’s been working and studying, but it was so great to have him at the house today for hours and hours! Happy me!
Almost there!
Video snippets of this weekend
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Day 14: Someday The Floors will be Finished, but today was not that day…

Well I was sick all week, in bed couldn’t do anything kind of sick, but we were back at it today.

More to come tomorrow…

The lighting in this place is crazy cool. The different colors are so obvious at this time of day. Later on they almost look the same.
Painting the kitchen ceiling.
Cleared the dining room to get ready for the laminate floors.
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Day 13: Flooring on the way

Well, the day is over and I can barely move.

My Dad finished setting all the kitchen cabinets.

I’m so excited as (you can’t see it in this picture) but I have a small little open shelf area for my cookbooks. Thanks Dad!
Brown marble fireplace bye bye. Isn’t my Mom cute!
Ok, let’s try this again.
Here is a sneak peek….we got about half way.

Oh and guess who might be sick now…I thought I had sawdust in my nose this afternoon, but it might be the cold Chris has had. Pray for me!

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Day 12: Discouraging

Well yesterday was discouraging.

My Mom got some more painting done, my Dad got a few more of the base cabinets set, Chris went to work sick and came home and helped for a couple hours despite how he felt.

And me? What did I do?

I swept and vacuumed and swept and vacuumed and swept some more to prepare the floors. Now for those of you who know me, my joy that comes from looking at something with a sense of accomplishment was non-existent yesterday.

When we did finally try to lay some flooring it didn’t work well. I think I know what I did wrong, but the frustration level was high. My Mom reminded me that I’ve never done this before and this is how I learn. So, here’s to learning!

Today is a new day.

My body hurts, my husband is back in bed trying to heal.

And I’m sitting outside Home Depot drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee and eating munchkins for motivation. I only ate 3, ok maybe 4. (That’s equal to 1 donut right?)

I can do this!

It’s a beautiful sunrise and God is still on the throne.

Here is to yesterday and to what is to come today!

We are going to make something with these beautiful legs.
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Day 11 and 1/2

I should have posted these pictures last weekend! Here are where things are as of this morning before we get started.

Side note: Pray for my sweet mister as he’s been sick all week and not able to come join in the fun.

Mom getting it done in the laundry room
I made my own saw horses out of the 5 gallon paint buckets to cut some pieces of plywood to raise the subfloor just a tad to the level of the old linoleum.
I started to do some peel and stick tile in the kitchen
I’m liking how it’s turning out. Inexpensive way to just bring a different color scheme to the kitchen quickly. And it sticks good, it will peel your skin off and everything. Just sayin’.
Lazy Susan being rolled into place last weekend
We ended up having a slow drip that wouldn’t stop in the kitchen so had to call a plumber.
Good as new
Went over after a rough day at work and used my evening to slap some second coats on certain walls. It was dark, so I hope I did a good job. We will find out today.
Here’s hoping that this weekend all those blue boxes in the bottom right of this picture turn into a beautiful laminate floor.
I woke up to this at my parent’s house this morning. It’s going to be a beautiful day people!!!
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Day 10: Old Appliances and Cabinets be gone!

Today was awesome. Old friends got rid of all our old things…Andy, Erin, Trevor, and Ella, thank you!

I still can’t stop laughing about Andy’s instructions to us when we were lifting the appliances. All I’ll say is CLENCH those cheeks!
A Beautiful sunset to end a beautiful day.
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Day 9: Technically a week’s worth of quick short bursts of work

Well, it’s been a busy week but not at the house.

So, this post is a summary of some quick short bursts of work at the house in the evenings or parts of a day this past 5 or 6 days.

Tonight we are officially getting to work on the cabinets so stay tuned for some major changes this weekend.

Andrea and I, my first friend to sit with me in my living room at my new kitchen table. 😀