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A bit of my writing….

Our writing prompt in my writer’s group was:

If someone from the future picked up your journal and read about today, what would they read?

This is what I wrote. My writer’s group said I should post it as it might encourage someone right now. I hope it does. ❤️

I went for a walk today.

Dew still clung to the tips of the trees. The mountains still stood just as tall as they were yesterday.

But the quiet of the pathway that I walk, the quiet…it has grown since all the people began hiding away.

I’ve never seen anything like this in my lifetime. The thing is though, no one has. Those who lived through the Depression, or the wars, they’ve all but gone and so the living are left wondering with very few to ask their questions.

I’ve never seen the whole world respond together like this. A rise and fall of fears and faith moving like the ocean across the globe. Like a boat coming to rock along each and every shore. Untethered and unknown. Only to move on to another shore yet we know not where its next destination might be.

Fear has been hovering waiting to drop its talons into each heart that listens too much to its voice. But God also has been speaking and His voice is the one that comforts and silences all the questions for me.

There is so much chatter about what this is, why it’s happening, and yet there is a silence that allows humanity to speak and show itself for what it is. There is evil. There is good. And they show up, side by side, fighting for each of our attentions. One destroying and terrifying, the other truthfully drawing people to something that will stay in their hearts long after this virus has gone with gentle whispers but a strength unmatched.

I was afraid, and it still pokes at the edges of my mind, but I also am brave and have seen the streets empty and carried groceries for those who live near me and have lead those in my care, even though right now it seems there is nowhere we are going.

But we are going somewhere in every little thing we do and say. And everyone is choosing right this very moment where they will end up. Not life or death, that is out of our hands no matter what we do, although we should do whatever it is we can, for ourselves and others. That is loving each other.

God help us. Help each of us to continue to be someone who takes people somewhere, somewhere beautiful.

Beauty can grow in the most difficult of places and the Lord tends to do His most intimate work there. Let us be there too.

I took a deep breath today and reached for a drop of dew on the trees and touched the world to remind me of how much is yet to be known.

Love is still here, speaking in the quiet.

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Remodel: Approximately 3 weeks later…

It’s been 3 weeks since my last post.

I’m not going to lie. I lost some of my drive after I got sick. It felt like everything slowed to a snail’s pace and that every little thing seemed to take a really really long time and a lot of effort.

Regardless, we’ve worked here and there but not like we were at the beginning. My parents got sick too, so our family construction crew of 4 has been taking turns being down and out.

So in the midst of being forced to slow down recently, we are now choosing to. We have been leaving a little room to “live the normal”, despite the to-do list. And that’s been really good.

So, here’s a little photo and commentary journal of the last 3 weeks.

I included some funny stories as we moved in 2 weeks ago and there have been some memories made. Enjoy!

When a woman needs a flat surface in her kitchen because her countertops haven’t come yet, she improvises. I used some unused flooring to get a temporary work space.
My love hanging our bedroom drapes.
Mom and Chris taping the final main room underlayment pad.
The dining room floor will be done someday. Someday is not today but that’s ok, it’s coming!
Chris cleaning and prepping the hallway floor for laminate.
Mister at his desk in our new home
First dinner baked in my new range! Yum!
Eating our first dinner on TV trays even though we didn’t have a tv yet and the dining room table is too full of tools to eat on.
Chris laying some hallway floor after dinner but before class.
Chris hanging drapes in the main room
Old fixture in master bath.
Funny story.
Let’s just say you won’t and can’t have a hot shower in this particular bathroom unless the person you love remains in the bathroom and flushes the toilet every 2 minutes while you are bathing. We figured this out by accident but it’s been much more pleasant since. We also discovered our 2nd bath shower is hot without assistance so we use that for now. We will figure out the plumbing in bathroom #1 at some point someday.
If Mister comes out of the bathroom and smiles down on me in just the right spot, his ears glow red. Who knew?
1st beautiful big blizzard at our new home. ❤️
Main room. Starting to look and feel like our home sweet home.
Shawn and Dylan, the Lowe’s delivery guys, bringing in my new washer and dryer and 2 new toilets. Our old toilets are old and have squishy padded seats and are very low to the ground. They show the idea of a squatty potty in a real life demonstration.
Aren’t they pretty? Love them.
This is my face when I found out my brother came down to surprise me.
I love my bro so very much. My heart needed his visit.
Doing a little normal living by going to the annual fly fishing hootenanny with my bro and Daddyo.
Taking a moment to breathe in my very first backyard. I had just chatted with one of my neighbors and she said she loves to sit in her backyard and watch the clouds. I decided to give it a try. She was right, it’s very peaceful and good for the heart to look up every once in awhile.
Yes I did put together a make shift desk for my husband out of the cardboard from the new tv and the two toilet boxes. Remodeling requires creativity. I needed his desk for the tv.
Have you ever seen a happier man with a vacuum? Me neither, I’m one blessed lady.
My nephew Jude made this wooden sign for us and I found the perfect spot for it. God has been so good to us.

We have been meeting our neighbors and taking the time to sit with them, not just wave a quick hello.

We have entertained our first official guests.

Our friend Kamran was our first official guest for spaghetti.

Later in the week one of my dearest friends Lola came for soup and leftover spaghetti. Ha!

We had great food and fellowship with these friends and can’t wait for more of you to join us in the future.

Although I have no kitchen sink or countertop yet so that has made things exciting. But we are making memories and that’s most important.

Until next time…