Day 11 and 1/2

I should have posted these pictures last weekend! Here are where things are as of this morning before we get started.

Side note: Pray for my sweet mister as he’s been sick all week and not able to come join in the fun.

Mom getting it done in the laundry room
I made my own saw horses out of the 5 gallon paint buckets to cut some pieces of plywood to raise the subfloor just a tad to the level of the old linoleum.
I started to do some peel and stick tile in the kitchen
I’m liking how it’s turning out. Inexpensive way to just bring a different color scheme to the kitchen quickly. And it sticks good, it will peel your skin off and everything. Just sayin’.
Lazy Susan being rolled into place last weekend
We ended up having a slow drip that wouldn’t stop in the kitchen so had to call a plumber.
Good as new
Went over after a rough day at work and used my evening to slap some second coats on certain walls. It was dark, so I hope I did a good job. We will find out today.
Here’s hoping that this weekend all those blue boxes in the bottom right of this picture turn into a beautiful laminate floor.
I woke up to this at my parent’s house this morning. It’s going to be a beautiful day people!!!

Day 10: Old Appliances and Cabinets be gone!

Today was awesome. Old friends got rid of all our old things…Andy, Erin, Trevor, and Ella, thank you!

I still can’t stop laughing about Andy’s instructions to us when we were lifting the appliances. All I’ll say is CLENCH those cheeks!
A Beautiful sunset to end a beautiful day.

Day 9: Technically a week’s worth of quick short bursts of work

Well, it’s been a busy week but not at the house.

So, this post is a summary of some quick short bursts of work at the house in the evenings or parts of a day this past 5 or 6 days.

Tonight we are officially getting to work on the cabinets so stay tuned for some major changes this weekend.

Andrea and I, my first friend to sit with me in my living room at my new kitchen table. 😀

Day 8: Upper Cabinet Demo

While Chris was at church all day for the School of Ministry, my parents and I had a demo day on the upper kitchen cabinets. Enjoy!

My crew today
This is what happens when you have the back of the drill too close to the inside of the cabinet. When the screw started to come out of the back it wedged the drill in. My Mom and I had a good giggle.
Mom and Me
My dining room is a mess!

Day 7: Evening Update

There is a quote I love that says, “Many hands make light work.” Well, I was blessed today to have the many hands of my writers group working with me.

I knew they were awesome before, but I’m now convinced that they are all descendants of Wonder Woman. We got so much done!

Storage unit is almost completely empty. Trips to Goodwill and also transferring a lot of stuff to one of our garages at the new place.

I love these women. It was a lot to do and yet it was so much fun to just be with them. They made something that could have felt like a total burden feel like making memories. Thank you Diane, Holly, Emma, Ella, Abby and Carlye! I love you more than you know.

Here we go!
Diane is doing and Anne of Green Gables impression. Isn’t she CUTE?!?
This was full to the ceiling before we got at it!
Carlye was a master truck loader. Nothing moved while I drove to my house. She’s totally and completely amazing!
Break time
We are getting there!
Carlye you’re so cute and comfy anywhere!
Dessert! Cinnamon squares!
Not much left.
Wonder Women, I’m telling you.
The gals and I emptied all the contents into my garage. We went back and loaded the couch and chair and I took those to goodwill. Then the empty truck and I headed to Lowe’s for cabinets.
My Home Depot truck at Lowe’s
Cracking myself up at Lowe’s
Truck full of cabinets
New cabinets in da house! 🙌

The cargo van has been returned and now I’m on the couch. Hopefully, I can move tomorrow. Good day. Great friends. New house.

Day 7: Cargo Van and Morning Joe

Hi everyone! It’s Saturday! Today the focus is storage unit clean up and cabinets. Enjoy this video of us picking up the van as well as a morning summary.

Breakfast of Champions
Cargo van and Morning Coffee Chat

Day 6: Photos and Video

I did another “before” video today before the carpet guys arrived.

Before new carpet install

They did a beautiful job and the color is just what I was hoping. I’m very happy with it.

I did get a little grumpy with the guys. They were supposed to also tear out all the remaining carpet in the house and totally prep the floors for my other flooring. They partially did this, but it took a bit of a fight and this customer service manager, meaning me, wasn’t impressed.

Anyway, I got in the car and I told God I was grumpy. I looked up and saw the below.

It’s smiling at me….

All is well and the carpet is beautiful. I’ll deal with the customer service lack tomorrow.

Yay for something new in the house! Woot woot! Aren’t things getting pretty?!?

Day 5: Photos

Today was a short renovation day.

I worked most of the day and then worked from my new home in the afternoon due to a roofing project they are doing at my job that stunk us all out. The fumes from that tar cart are brutal.

Anyway, all afternoon I sat on a blue metal folding chair and worked with my laptop squeezed onto a painted dinner tray I used for a desk. At one point I paused and I looked around.

This was my home. We have a home.

I thanked God that He had provided a good job and now I was sitting in the home He had provided.

I texted Chris, “We have a house…”

He texted me back, “We have a house.”


Carpet is coming tomorrow. We painted our master bedroom tonight.

Pics aren’t great because it was dark. I’ll take more tomorrow so you can see the paint colors and the new carpet.

It’s getting real people.

Mom brought dinner
Her delish breaded pork chops.
Edging again
Blurry pic but he’s still so dang cute. (Pssst. I get to live here soon with this hunk.)
Old carpet’s last night in the home
Old carpet’s last night in the home

Day 4: Photos & Video

Well, we were all pretty pooped today so I didn’t get many pics.

We did get close to finishing all the painting, minus the bathrooms and kitchen, but those aren’t ready for that yet.

Mom rocking the edging.
I hope we like the wooden beam look when all is said and done because it was a pain in the hiney to wrap that stinker and not get white paint on it.
Good as new. My Mister is a spray master.

I didn’t get pictures but we decided to let the poor kitchen cabinets go. There was just no saving them. So, the doors and drawers are gone with the trash.

Sometime this week we will be taking the old boxes down.

New carpet for bedrooms comes tomorrow. Eek!

Day 3: Photos and Videos

I cried today.

Chris and I picked paint colors this morning and as they went up on the walls I got emotional.

While Chris was spraying all the ceilings white, my Mom and I started putting color on the walls.

I was worried we got a little risky with our choices but now, I absolutely love what we picked.

Tomorrow all the walls, minus the kitchen and bathrooms should be finished as far as paint. Pictures to come…but for now, here is Day 3.

Apparently my dining room has drywall texture over the original wallpaper. When we took the old curtain rods down there it was. Vintage baby.

So this lamp felt a little Disney Haunted House to me. But then Mister got ahold of it.
Now I’m keeping it!
Oopsy. That’s why I’m painting before we do the floors. Yikes, I messed up good!