Choosing to be Grateful: Day 15 & 16

I’ve been sick with food poisoning the last two days, so I missed posting yesterday.

But not to worry, that just means we are doing a two for one day.

My favorite holiday was always Christmas, but Thanksgiving the last couple of years have been really special with a new tradition we started.

We write each family member’s name on a sheet of paper. Then we write something we like about them on the paper.

Each slip goes in a cup assigned to the person. Then we go around the table, the person reads them out loud and tries to figure out who said what about them.

Tears and laughter always ensue and it is so very special.

And one of my favorite things to do at the holidays is put together a puzzle with my Mom.

So what about you? Are you more grateful for Thanksgiving or Christmas? And what’s one of your favorite activities around the holidays?

Bonus Challenge: Share your answer with someone else and see what they say.

In anticipation of the holidays,


Choosing to be Grateful: Day 14

I took the above picture a couple days ago right after waking up. I was struck by the way the light was hitting the mountains.

Maybe this is where the phrase “purple mountain majesty” came from.

Day 14: What natural beauty are you grateful for in your own state?

Bonus Challenge: Post a pic or explain it to us so we can all enjoy!



Choosing to be Grateful: Day 13

There’s nothing like a hot drink to warm the body, soul, and mind on a cold winter night.

It had been snowing all day in Colorado and I couldn’t help but make hot chocolate as the flakes continued to fall.

Something about whip cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg makes any drink feel a little more fancy and special to me.

What about you?

Day 13: What hot drink are you most grateful for on cold winter nights?

Bonus Challenge: Make a date to share one with a friend.

To warm drinks and hearts,


Choosing to be Grateful: Day 12


A childlike spirit can dwell in even the oldest of persons.

Yesterday it snowed all day here in Colorado. The big fluffy flakes that are so beautiful to watch.

This morning my husband went outside to shovel the walk and driveway. As I looked out at the chilly scene I thought about how as a child I would have been running to make a snowman in weather like this.

So, even though I am not a child anymore, I thought, “what the heck, I’m doin’ it.”

I tried to build a snowman but it was all powder and not wet enough to stick.

So, I shoveled the light stuff alongside my husband and then when the adult duties were complete I made a snow angel.

Childlike spirit satisfied.

What about you?

Day 12: What are you grateful for that helps you find your childlike spirit?

Bonus Challenge: Share that joy with someone else.

To jumping in like we did when we were kids,


Choosing to be Grateful: Day 11


This is a picture of my Grandpa.

He taught me so many things, but one thing I will never forget are his stories of being a POW in World War II. He told me things very factually, and I know he didn’t tell me everything, but what he shared gave me a compassion, a love, and a respect for those who serve our country in the military.

Today in our country, so many veterans are hurting. Would you take a moment to honor them by remembering them?

Day 11: Think of a Veteran.

Bonus Challenge: Let them know you are thinking about them.

With love and tremendous gratefulness for those who are willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice,


Choosing to be Grateful: Day 10

I love animals.

I know a lot of people say that, but I basically turn into an excited 4 year old girl at the very sight of them. Ask my family.

In recent years, I have become a certifiable bird nerd. As I write this, I am sitting at the kitchen table watching my bird feeder and counting birds as a citizen scientist with Project FeederWatch.

Check it out here:

I’m the real deal people.

Anyway, I know I’m not alone. Tell me I’m not alone. 😉

Day 10: What animal are you grateful for? It could be a pet or an animal that just makes you smile.

Bonus Challenge: Share a pic or a story about your animal so others can enjoy with you.



Choosing to Be Grateful: Day 9

I love going into people’s homes and seeing the small little things that are scattered about.

What do they mean to the person/people who live there?

Today I stopped and looked at this little birdie night light that is in my bedroom.

I love the soft glow it creates so that I can read while my husband sleeps.

More importantly, I enjoy the memory it brings up of my Mom and I going shopping together. We had so much fun that time and I’m so grateful for this particular trip with her. It was just a sweet moment.

Day 9: Look around your home. What is one item you have that makes you pause, smile, and remember something you’re grateful for?

Bonus Challenge: Stay in the moment for a minute and let yourself remember.

To the little things that sometimes aren’t so little…